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SUMMER SNAPS Photo Competition is Live on Instagram – Win $800

It’s without question, summer is certainly here in the southern hemisphere and we’re fully into the summer holiday spirit.  Over the past 30 days, we’ve revved up our online socializing and launched new Facebook pages for each of our respective states and airports:

Opened our Twitter accounts:


and Pinterest:

accounts and have been loving the comments and feedback that we’ve been getting and the guests we’ve been able to help online.

We Aussies and Kiwis love Instagram and #summer – according to a study by Datification, #summer ranks eighth most popular hashtag on Instagram used 1,186,278 times in this region.  To celebrate weekly we’re giving away $800 store vouchers for those who will snap and tag their photos with #JRLoveHolidays, and tell us where you love to holiday in your Instagram post.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to correctly enter:

  1. Take a photo of your hands making the heart sign. Check out our Facebook banners if you need inspiration on any of our pages or click on the WIN tab. (Insert Link)
  2. Log into Instagram and follow us at @JRDUTYFREE
  3. Upload your photo into Instagram
  4. Tag your image #JRLoveHolidays
  5. Tell us the name of the place that you love to go when you take holidays
  6. Tag your friends and get them to “LIKE” your photo

The photo with the most LIKES wins.

Each week we’ll celebrate our winners and the competition runs until January 13th. We hope you’ll enter our photo competition and wish you best of luck for a win!


Christmas in Bali: Eat, Play, Laugh

Holiday in BaliIf swapping pine trees for palm trees is your aim this holiday season, perhaps you should be planning to spend Christmas in Bali. Imagine spending Christmas Eve watching the sunset at the idyllic island temple of Tanah Lot, like Travel+ Leisure suggest. Bali is a favourite holiday getaway destination for many Australians and New Zealanders alike seeking to escape the usual festivities and crowded beaches for more relaxed topical respite. If you are planning to fly out to Bali this holiday season you might appreciate our top tips on where to eat, play and enjoy.


If you can’t completely pull yourself away from the allure of fine china and silver service this holiday on Christmas Day or you looking for somewhere extra special to have your Christmas dinner in Bali, treat yourself to the fine dining experience of the Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud, which offers a special festive six course degustation menu which can be paired with wines. For those seeking a more festive holiday atmosphere book a table at the Hu’u Bar for Asian fusion dishes, cocktails and music.


Art, design and architecture enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the splendour of the Green Village, a community of custom designed villas made of bamboo set along the terraced slopes of the Ayung River in Sibang. For a full experience into this sustainable luxury living, go on a half day bamboo trail tour of the village itself and make a point to experience both the luxe fields and the local factory for a true sense of place.

Needing to nourish your source and recharge your batteries this Christmas holiday? Spend a day wondering around the Tirta Empul Temple and take a dip in the spring water pools as they are believed to have healing properties according to local lore.

If solitude is what you seek spending Christmas at one of Bali’s hidden, less crowded beaches such as the serene Perasi Beach could be on the cards. This beach is renown for its tranquil setting, open air massage services and seaside dining. Try the fresh caught reef fish steamed in banana leaves and a cold Bintang beer at the local food stalls on the sand, it couldn’t get any more local than this.


No Christmas trip to Bali would be complete without an elephant ride. Organise a day or night ride around the Taro forest at the Elephant Safari Park for a memorable experience with some of natures most magnificent species.  More of a safe haven than an “Easter Show” ride, this sanctuary offers up close animal experiences where guests can both pet these giant mammals and feed the elephants. When booking, ask when it’s bath time, as the elephants bathing rituals is something both remarkable and entertaining.

If catering for mini-jet setters is one of your Christmas in Bali challenges, a day at Waterbom is an absolute must. Similar to the water parks in the Gold Coast with a mixture of mellow and extreme water rides; the lush tropical setting and warm daily water temperatures makes every day perfect for this water world extravaganza and guaranteed to deliver a day of fun for the whole family.

If you are trading your turkey for the tropics and opting for Christmas in Bali this year be sure to regularly check for government and weather warnings for any local disturbances with your hotel or on the news channels.  Remember to Slip, Slop and slap and pack insect repellent to keep the family both safe and happy.  Share your Christmas in Bali photos with us on Facebook this summer with the hashtag #FRDFHoliday and you could win a shopping voucher worth $250 (see our Facebook page for details).

This post was written by Janet Lam


Holiday in Thailand

Holiday in ThailandWhat to Pack: 5 ‘extras’ to Take to a Relaxing Christmas Holiday in Thailand

With its beautiful landscape and delicious cuisine, a holiday in Thailand is a popular Christmas option  for families and couples wanting to head to an exotic paradise to relax this season.

Since Christmas is not a national holiday in Thailand, a majority of the eateries, shops and attractions operate as usual on December 25th – giving you the perfect opportunity to do something different on Christmas day like experience an elephant ride or head to a spa for a massage.

Assuming you have packed all your essentials, here are some extras you could bring with you in your hand luggage:

1.    The Beach by Alex Garland

Not only is this literary work an engrossing novel to read on the plane it also is an exceptional page-turner poolside. Destination appropriate, The Beach by Alex Garland is set in amidst the topical islands of Thailand in the mid 1990s and as a reader, you’ll get a multisensory reading experience available no where else. Without spoiling the plot, the story line offers adventuresome thrills in paradise without having to leave the comfort of your chaise lounge.

 2.    Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen SPF 40 Oil Free High Protection Emulsion 50ml 

Since it’s likely you will be travelling through some of Thailand’s hot bustling urban streets, it is essential to protect your skin from the sun and pollution with a high factor sun screen. You may have packed a body sun block lotion but these can be quite greasy on the skin. Your face requires a more specialized skincare product so go for the oil free creams which feel light and leave a matt, smooth finish; it’ll keep you looking fresh and cool throughout your holiday.

 3.    Canon PowerShot G1 X

You can take the odd photo on your smartphone or tablet but it is worth investing in a high performance camera to capture all those precious memories with your loved ones amongst Thailand’s stunning beaches and waterfalls. If you don’t have space for your heavy, expensive DSLR camera, then a digital compact camera like the Canon PowerShot G1 X is perfect for taking on holidays. They are light to carry and satisfy the serious photographers because these cameras still have a bit of a DSLR feel to them. It is also relatively easy for amateur photographers to take decent quality photos with these devices.

4.    (a.) Him: Acqua Di Gio Homme eau de toilette | (b.)Her: Lancome Hypnose Senses Eau De Parfum 

Scents can help conjure up happy memories of places you have visited. So on holiday wear a new perfume or aftershave which is different from your normal every day one and have a fragrance that will remind you of your time in Thailand. We always opt for the fresh, light and less overpowering scents because they are easier to wear in the tropical heat.

 5.    Bananagrams Game

With long waits in the departure lounge and 8 hours+ plane journey to Thailand we suggest bringing along a fun travel game like Bananagrams, as it is more sociable than say watching a film and keeps everyone in the family entertained. Bananagrams is a word game which is described as a bit like Scrabble and Boggle, perhaps it will take you back to a family tradition of playing parlour games after Christmas dinner.

Which of these 5 things would you pack in your hand luggage? Or can you tell us any ‘extra’ items you take along with you on your travels to Thailand or any other tropical destination; we would love to hear your thoughts.

This post was written by Janet Lam


Choosing a Fragrance: Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Scent


A fragrance is ‘one which gives us a shock: a sensory one followed by a psychological one.”

- Edmond Roudnitska, creator of memorable scents, notably several for Christian Dior.

When choosing a fragrance, one must consider that the perfect scent can mirror the essence of a person’s character and will in future spark particular memories. A scent is something that travels with us, which is why many holiday-goers rightly associate choosing a new fragrance with overseas travel.  Both indulgent as a gift to self, a new fragrance also make an ideal gift — it you get it right. Fragrances can be widely categorized into four types:  ‘Floral’, ‘Oriental’, ‘Fresh & Clean’ and ‘Woody’.  Here is a quick guide to help you find the perfect perfume gift or holiday travel companion.


Known as the quintessential feminine fragrance, floral perfumes are the most popular of the four and loved for the light but complex romantic scent composition.  Unmistakable as a floral scent, Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb offers a full-bodied fragrant blend of Centrifolia rose with Orchid, Jasmines and Indian Osmanthus. Handpicked by Harper’s Bazaar as a top scent in 2013, followed by a more ready to wear styled Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Ralph By Ralph Lauren.


Oriental scents can be described as a richer floral smell with overtones of spice. One of the best examples of an oriental perfume is Flower by Kenzo which has an added white musk and opoapanax to which further brings out its vibrancy. Balenciaga by Balenciaga Paris is another popular favorite in the Oriental category touted for its more metallic notes combining violet, patchouli, cedar and carnation.

 Fresh and Clean

Some associate freshness with the scent of crisp linen sheets and citrus fruits and are more drawn to fragrances that embody these olfactory nuances. Those in the fresh and clean category have elements of the ocean and lemon peel and ideal in the warmer climates where skin both breathes and perspires.  If this is your scent category when choosing a fragrance try Davidoff Cool Water.  


Personifying the rugged outdoors, many men’s fragrances lean towards earthier tones that have aromas of cedar, sandalwood or pine. Within this category, Armani’s Armani Code with leathery wood, citrusy tones of lemon and bergamot notes is amongst the most popular paired with stylish jeans and buttery loafer for an evening out. For those who prefer something a bit bolder, Hermes’ unforgettable woody fragrance Voyage D’Hermes stands out with hints of juniper and cardamom bearing a delightfully woody yet fresh scent.

With so many beautiful bottles to choose from, it’s easy to confuse the sense when choosing a fragrance. Here are few tips from the experts to make selection more simplified:

  • Rub and sniff coffee beans in between test smelling the fragrances to clear the scent palate.
  • Ask the opinions of people around as to their reaction of the fragrance with your organic chemistry.
  • Think about the smells you like in everyday life – from the food you eat to the smell of laundry and other ambient olfactory interferences like fresh flowers, the outdoors, and the ocean.
  • Consider where and when you will wear the fragrance – day or evening, or in a warm or colder climate.

When choosing a fragrance, selection can be quite a challenge. Travel is the perfect opportunity to create a memory response around a new scent. If you are unsure of which category is right for you or which fragrance suits your preferences, ask one of our talented associates. The can make choosing a fragrance both fun and memorable.

Got a tip for choosing a fragrance? Please share your knowledge in the comments please.

The post was written by Eileen Cai